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Bespoke A.I. solutions for Market Research

Consumer insights from images and videos 

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Collect consumer data

Delve into the life of consumers with visual data. Deploy fleets of body cameras and record their activities. Audio, video and positional information give you an holistic view on key drivers, needs, consumption occasions and brand perception.


Automatic coding of videos and images

No more tedious work manually coding visual data! Let A.I. do the heavy lifting for you. Harvest clean, industry-ready coded data. Our Image Recognition and Machine Learning algorithms can scan every pixel and tell you what type of occaions, product, facial expression are in the images.


Win briefs!

Beautifeye’s insights team will work alongside your team! From brief response to final reporting, all the steps towards a successful delivery will be covered. The Beautifeye team will conduct technical due diligence, and will provide advice on the most appropriate methodology and data gathering strategy.