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Why Qualitative Insights?

The success of best selling brands and products are rooted in a deep qualitative understanding of their consumer target

Why does Visual Data matter?

Images speak 1 thousand words: they record factual and genuine consumer's attitudes and behaviours.

Why Hidden Insights?

Rich behavioural insights are locked into billion of images and videos shared by consumers on the internet.

Why Beautifeye?


Get access to Millennials

The ability to understand visual language widely adopted by millennials, opens up opportunities to target them more efficiently


Good Value for Money

Artificial Intelligence allows to drastically cut set up and recruiting costs. You hire us for the insights, you only pay for the insights


Fastest Time to Insights

It is automatic, it is smart, you save time in the run-of-the-mill jobs and you can focus on your consumers, not on the fieldwork


What can you do with Beautifeye?

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1. Uncover consumer needs and occasions in real time

2. Capture product & category trends instantly

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3. Segment and Identify your consumers at all time

4. Strengthen your insights storytelling with images

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