Instagram Data Exploration for the US Presidential Campaign '16

Objective: To extract insights about the way presidential candidates are communicating on Instagram. 

For the most part, traditional political studies focus on the analysis of the conversations around a specific candidate, with very little attention reserved to visual information. Technological advances are now allowing us to bridge this gap and to answer questions such as:

● What are the main visual topics used by candidates to promote their political agenda?

● Which visual themes are driving more engagement?

● What are the main differences between the visual themes used by the various candidates?



Our Solution

We collected all posts shared by 4 presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders. In order to study how engagement related to the visual properties of an image and to hashtags, we devised a simple metric as follows:



We then defined 4 categories of engagement using the median value of the normalised engagement.



Check out our full report to discover more about how it works.