The three years test: Our prediction check on Fei-fei Li discussion with A16z on A.I. | Autonomous Vehicles and Startups


We re-listened to "When Humanity Meets A.I.", a podcast featuring Prof. Fei-Fei Li, from Stanford University (@drfeifei) and Frank Chen from leading VC firm a16z, (@withfries2).

This podcast was recorded almost three years ago, in June 2016! That's why we noted the main predictions that were made at the time and then we fact checked them.. here's our results:

Prediction n.1: A new generation of Deep Leaning chips will blossom.

Dedicated they will exploit redundancy in operations to optimise computation in a paralysed way.

⇒ [VERIFIED] - Movidius launched a 79$ Deep Learning USB stick in 2017, and today Deep learning chipsets are gaining market traction.

Prediction n.2: Dualism between Unsupervised and Supervised Learning will be resolved.

By automating the generation of labels, one of the biggest pains of Supervised Learning will be removed. As a consequence the gap between Supervised and Unsupervised Learning will be reduced.

⇒ [VERIFIED] - Many works were published in the last three years covering techniques such as self-supervised learning and synthetic data generation. Prof. Fei-Fei was spot on!

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Prediction n.3: Machines will learn to learn.

Machines will learn like humans: incrementally and iteratively. They will learn to explore knowledge, to ask humans the right questions in the right order: No more annotations will be needed, machines will learn by example.

⇒ [UNVERIFIED] - While a lot of papers were recently published in conferences such as CVPR, ICCV and NIPS on the subject we are still waiting for this complex technology to mature.

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