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AI for business growth (Part 1)

"AI is the fastest-growing industry that I have seen in the last thirty years of my career". This is one of the opening statements of Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology and Innovation officer.

We re-listened to this fantastic conversation with Azeem from the Exponential view and gained a lot of insights on how AI will force us to redesign the world we live in.

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Cracking Creativity with Computers: How AI is Learning to Write, Paint and Think

We will let you down. Despite all the buzz and all the sensational claims, a machine learning algorithm cannot beat Picasso!

In this great chat, Marcus du Sautoy, the author of The Creativity Code and Oxford professor, discusses with John Tornhill (Financial Times - Tech columnist) about cracking creativity with computers.

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The three years test: Our prediction check on Fei-fei Li discussion with A16z on A.I. | Autonomous Vehicles and Startups

We re-listened to "When Humanity Meets A.I.", a podcast featuring Prof. Fei-Fei Li, from Stanford University (@drfeifei) and Frank Chen from leading VC firm a16z, (@withfries2).

This podcast was recorded almost three years ago, in June 2016! That's why we noted the main predictions that were made at the time and then we fact checked them.

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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

The way we develop the next generation of learning software will have a tremendous impact on our life. Prof. Joanna Bryson (@j2bryson) from University of Bath dissected this fascinating topic with Azeem Azhar (@azeem), founder of The Expontial view in this incredible podcast.

Intelligence, ethics, and digital transformation they covered them all. Here's our main lessons learned:

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Fake it until you make it ..Generative Adversarial Neural Nets to create and resolve deep fakes

What is the role of AI in the content creation arena? What are the societal and cultural aspects of big challenges like fake news and how AI can fix them?

Delip Rao, the vice president of research at the AI Foundation and creator of the Fake News Challenge shares his main views this super intersting podcast.

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A powerful voice from the Intellectual Dark Web talks about A.I., Science and Math

Eric Weinstein, known for his contributions to Economic Theory and Mathematical Physics, recently talked to Lex Friedman from MIT.

This multifaceted, complex conversation touched the philosophical and societal implications of AI. It also diverged into Trumpism, Social Media and String Theory. Here's our key learnings.

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