Argentinian Women and Sexuality

Digital and social media tools are increasingly being used to observe and understand. When it come to more complex issues such as consumers aspirations, we tend to believe they are too complex and too risky to go search for them online

This report shows a novel methodology we recently put in place to measure such aspirations in a quantitative and qualitative way.

Business Challenge: Launch a new communication campaign, mainly digital, targeting Argentinian women from 18 to 29 years old.

The new campaign should be based on insights derived from women's aspirations and their approach towards sexuality.

Objective: Measure sexuality aspirations and key drivers in a quantitative and qualitative way. 



Our Solution

Artificial intelligence and in particular image recognition opens new opportunities for delivering complex briefs. This aided the project tremendously - dismantling the expression of sexuality on Instagram is a challenging task.

We extracted relevant and useful quantitative and qualitative data to feed a new campaign that no traditional approach could have delivered considering timing and budget constraints.

Discover how it works and the resulting insights in our full report below.