Product Release Notes

Here at Beautifeye, we are frequently release new features. Want to see what we’re building next — and vote on what you’d like to see? Take a look at our product roadmap


v1.9 -  July 2017

  • new project management dashboard
  • new team management page ( Setting -> Team ) 
  • new visual filters ( context: outdoor, indoor, event, party)
  • Improve speed of complex queries

v1.8 -  March 2017

  • New analytics  cards with comparison of KPIs
  • Export images into powerpoint templates 
  • Flag images as spam 
  • Filter by time now so much faster! 
  • Detect Consumer vs. Business accounts

v1.7 -  December 2016

  • Form to set-up Beautifeye maps
  • Track hashtag variants in the same dashboards

  • Track followers

  • Deep geolocation for posts without GPS coordinates 

v1.6 -  September 2016

  • Share dashboards with your team members  
  • Share individual  posts
  • comparison of performances among multiple keyword

v1.5 -  June 2016

  • Form to set-up Beautifeye maps
  • Full text search on post captions 
  • Help center