Data Coding 


Find the Right Codeframe to Answer Research Questions

Beautifeye Image-recognition filters allow you to focus on:

Consumption Occasions: Find out how/where/when/with whom/why your customers consume. Answer questions and enable decisions - transform your next marketing campaign.

Purchase Occasions: Get all the info you need to determine where, how and when your customers buy your product/service. Take this intel and use it to fuel more effective marketing activities.

Product Experiences: Translate subjective experience into objective and actionable insights. Rediscover your product through your customer's perspective and uncover hidden strengths.


Bespoke AI

Harness the power of AI: Harvest data hiding in plain sight. Discover relevant data and insights in images and videos.

Our solution for you - only you: One-fits-all solutions for AI have shown time and time again that it is simply not as effective compared to custom solutions. Don't buy second-hand AI and don't waste time and resources. Find out how to optimise AI to your goals and your workflows.

Beautifeye can detect objects, scenes, logos, faces, styles and texts on images or videos

More Accurate Insights with Automated Coding

We know that AI can extract a wealth of data on an impossibly large scale. But, how can we sift through the data and get straight to the gold?

Automated coding reduces the noise to a minimum and lets you focus on the most relevant data for your brand or category. 

What happens when you combine all of these elements? Increased scale, preserved accuracy and reduced manual work.