Computer Vision Q&A


Artificial Intelligence allows a variety of systems to conduct highly advanced tasks and usually, it’s a difficult process to fully understand just how this works if you're not already in the industry. It’s even difficult to figure out where to begin. That’s why we at Beautifeye have decided to provide a quick and easy introduction into the world of AI. Our CEO Luca joined us to answer a few quick questions on the matter:


What is Computer Vision?

Well, it’s all in the name, right? Computer Vision is a research discipline that enables computers to see and understand the world around them. With computer vision, computers can recognise objects and scenes around them, detect faces, expressions, logos and much more.


What’s the difference between Computer Vision and AI?

Computer Vision uses Artificial Intelligence to learn. As you can imagine, emulating human vision is not an easy task, so we have to use the most advanced learning techniques to do this.


When did you first hear about Computer Vision?

It was actually back in the last century I think, around 1995. I was an undergrad in Italy when one of my professors put up a slide showing a computer connected to a big camera. The title was “Today, Computers Can See” and I found that fascinating. That was the beginning of my journey.


Why is AI so important?

Imagine driving a car blindfolded. It’d be difficult, right? If we really want AI to make a difference in our lives, they have to see what we see. They have to be able to understand the world around them.


And that concludes this week's Q&A, but don't worry - we'll have another Q&A next week! In the meantime, take a look at our YouTube channel. There are videos available on our channel to help you even more about AI and Computer Vision!