Q&A: What jobs will AI create?


We managed to grab a hold of our resident Computer Vision expert Luca, and asked him a few quick questions on AI.


Question 1: What jobs will AI create?

Luca: This a great question because everyone is asking the opposite: “what jobs will AI kill?” According to a recent study done by Accenture, the rise of AI will create entire new categories of jobs.

  • Category 1) Trainers: this group includes people that will teach AI systems specific measures.

  • Category 2) Explainers: they’ll bridge the gap between technologists and business leaders. They’ll conduct AI forensics for instance, and will explain the behaviour and decisions taken by the algorithm.

  • Category 3) Sustainers: these guys will make sure that AI is behaving as it was designed. Think of them as watch dogs, ensuring basic human rights for instance, is respected while AI is taking decisions on behalf of people.

These roles aren’t replacing old ones, they’re novel and require new skills.”

If you’re interested in knowing more, click here!



Question 2: What is a difficult AI topic that you’ve always struggled to understand?

Luca: “Obviously there are many theories and algorithms that are not completely straightforward in AI. I think that Gaussian Processes are one of them. It’s beautiful math, but very difficult math.”

If you want to challenge yourself, you can try and click the website linked here. It contains a pretty interesting resource about the Gaussian Processes!

That concludes this week’s interview with our CEO. We’ll be back next week with more answers on AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning, so keep your suggestions coming!


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