Artificial Intelligence Q&A


What’s the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Machine Learning is a field of research, whereas Deep Learning is a technique used in Machine Learning. The Machine Learning method of data analysis works extremely well and was invented 20 years ago, but only now has it begun to really show its potential. Self-driving cars, online recommendations, social media listening, fraud detection - all modern uses of Machine Learning.


Will AI replace humans?

Absolutely not, while there are situations at present wherein humans have already been replaced by computers/algorithms/robotics, etc., those replacements were made in areas where there was an extremely limited input and output. That’s why it’s commonplace to have robotics working in areas such as car manufacturing, because the production lines are easy to automate. However, human input is still very much required in a variety of other areas. AI struggles massively while attempting to tackle tasks involving creativity or education for example - therefore it’s safe to say that AI will not replace humans.


What’s the next challenge in AI?

The next big challenge is simply to create and appropriately implement AI in real-world operations so our lives can be further improved.


Where do you see AI in 5-10 years?

It’s certain that there’ll be more data available. Simply put, an abundance of data will lead to better AI. This is because the data allows for better precision, better performance and ultimately better real-world applications.


Are you or will you be afraid of AI?

Ultimately, it depends on the application of AI. There’s a lot of good things that it can help with, but obviously there are darker applications too. I think it comes down to what the AI is being used to do - there may be a need in the future for AI regulation but for now, there is no reason to fear AI.


Can AI ever be conscious or self-aware?

From a researcher’s point of view, that’s the dream: to have machines that think. Having machines that not only understand the world around them, but also also understand their own inner state. As a field of study, we’re just not there yet. Will we reach that point in 5-10 years? It’s not clear. As a society, we will have to tentatively cross that bridge when we come to it.