How A.I Speeds Up Free-Text Coding.



In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has permeated into every single sector, from healthcare to finance. It has become extremely prominent in business, marketing, and most notably, in big data processing. Each year, the amount of data we produce doubles, and it is predicted that within the next decade there will be a staggering 150 billion networked sensors. For most companies, it is impossible to process the sheer amount of data produced by large-scale text processes. If you were to manually code these enormous amounts of textual data it would be too tedious, too time-consuming, and too reliant on a human workforce. This is where Artificial Intelligence chimes in, to save the day!


How Can Artificial Intelligence Help?


Artificial Intelligence helps provide a workflow that can assist human coders and makes their lives simpler. Here are some advantages of using AI for coding free-text data:


  • Less Time-Consuming- No longer should companies have to employ people to manually code textual data for 8-10 hours a day, wasting precious human brain power. Instead, AI does the heavy lifting for them, by suggesting codes and reorganising data in such a way that coders can save up to 60% of their time while coding!


  • Reduces costs- From a research perspective, analysing open-ended questions can be extremely beneficial, as they allow for less bias than multiple-choice questions do. However, this can be a deeply time consuming and expensive process, without the assistance of AI. By shortening the amount of time spent manually analysing open-ended questions, companies will, in turn, reduce costs and enable more competitive pricing.


Only Part of the Solution...

Despite all of its advantages, AI is still not able to fully replace a human-being, because it is just not as smart as us. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to achieve a required level of coding quality without the help of a human being. In other words: Artificial Intelligence is super fast but stupid. Whereas, humans are super smart but slow. Therefore, when it comes to textual coding, AI can't replace, but rather, assist humans, by significantly speeding up the process and reducing costs. It’s best to look at Artificial Intelligence as a bicycle, not a hyperloop.


Try it Yourself!


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