Make products irresistible: Taste Festival


Lessons learned from Taste of Dublin 2015

Global food festivals like Taste are “social” events both in the physical and digital space: in this new era of advertising, social media becomes the lens through which global brands can monitor consumer engagement and detect influential trends in real-time, all the time, all over the world. How can we utilise this space to make products irresistible at events?

June 11-14 2015 saw the Taste of Dublin festival attract an estimated 37,000 visitors, 100+ food exhibitors, Michelin chefs and local culinary talent to the idyllic Iveagh Gardens, Dublin City Centre. Visitors delved in to cooking masterclasses, food & drink sampling and discovering new brands while hanging out with friends and family in the sunshine.

Taste of Dublin is the 'perfect storm' for generating consumer insights. Food is a tremendously visual experience. Next generation social media channels are visual by nature - on Instagram there are over 200 million #food photos alone. Images tell a thousand words so why not use them to monitor ROI and generate actionable insights?

What we did:

- Downloaded all data shared on Instagram over the 4 day Taste Of Dublin event.

- Processed the images and text associated with the images.

Download our white paper to discover:

1. How can I maximize social media exposure during the event?

2. How can I understand the customer experience?

3. Who came to the festival? What is the audience that engaged with my brand?