The Empathy builder


The relationship between brands and their creative agencies is crucial in order to create content that resonates with consumers. Today I'm going to talk about The Empathy Builder and go through the three lessons we have learned in Beautifeye about agile software development.

Tight deadlines, lots of meetings and a shortage of time — these are constant struggles for brands. On the agency side, they must keep up with high expectations in terms of consumer knowledge, agility, and autonomy in delivering the breakthrough ideas creating brand equity.

The reality is that, as in any other creative process, a lot of interaction and inefficient behaviors are slowing down ideas and their execution.

At first, it might look like a long shot but agencies can learn very precious lessons by looking, for example, at the collaborative work of software development teams. We are conscious that there are many learnings that can be applied across different domains, so we are listing here three lessons that we have learned from agile software development.

1. Iterate Soon, Iterate Fast

Avoid building on the wrong idea by rapidly exchanging with their peers on the client side. Iterating fast and efficiently collecting feedback is a great way to minimize the risk of ending up with final content that will have limited impact on consumers. At Beautifeye, we always get back with a draft pitch within 24 hours from the first contact with the brand. 



2. Streamline The Creative Workflow

A full day workshop or a focus group would be ideal to ensure everyone is on board with the ideas. However, building empathy this way is very expensive and sometimes also very inefficient.

In the picture above, we have summarized the typical steps involved in the creation of a new campaign for instance. As you notice, there are well-defined steps and the interaction between the two parties is clearly outlined.

The challenge is to determine where you are in the process and stick to the next step. If both brand and agency are both aware of this… chances are that you won't get to the night before the deadline with a lot of work to perform.


3. It's Time To Use Modern Software

Since developing software is not exactly like coming up with novel ideas for a new activation or a product launch, you might agree that some amazing general purpose project management tools, in our opinion, are:



You can also check out tools that are more oriented towards creative workflows such as:


At Beautifeye, we think that a great way to handle this interaction is through images — consumer-generated images to be more specific.

You can discover here how to curate dashboards of visual content that will speed up the interaction while creating a new campaign, improve product design, and much more.

Through Beautifeye, you will be able to create dashboards through keywords with access to consumers’ profiles, photos, and comments. These dashboards are completely flexible with numerous filters (based on geography, time periods, gender, age, location etc…) to allow a total flexibility and are updated in real time to always be ahead of trends. Consumers’ behavior and insights will be available without setup time and huge fieldwork 


By integrating Beautifeye in the core of its digital strategy, GMI achieved great results with:

  • Contents were 100% on consumer behaviors and created on time in full with 80% used for the whole region;
  • All key stakeholders were aligned with the contents, without significant setbacks;
  • Dashboards are proactively requested/ created to continuously feed GMI content pipeline.