Brief Concierge


Get us involved and differentiate your brief with AI

We’ll assist you throughout the duration of the project. We’ll help your team harvest insights and create bespoke reports.

Given a brief, we will design the methodology tailored to your client’s problem. We’ll also help your team harvest insights for their own projects and we’ll provide a bespoke report to aid everyone involved.

We’ll provide consultancy and support for your project.


Wow your quantitative clients with a novel qualitative methodology

The ideal solution to understanding consumer activity is to combine qualitative and quantitative analysis: observing thousands of photos from hundreds of consumers allows for unique insight into their thoughts and experiences.

Where traditional approaches often cannot deliver these results due to budget or time constraints, Computer Vision can.


Complex technology, simple outputs: tell a story with images

We all like to share memories and tell stories about what we did during our last vacation, our last weekend, or our last night out. Unfortunately, as time passes, details fade away or become distorted.

So, what's one of the most factual and objective pieces of data you can find? Visual data or photos/videos.

Why? Unlike a memory, visual data doesn’t miss details. It can't interpret or distort reality like a memory or a questionnaire could.