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You can now trial our Automatic coding or Brief concierge service

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Frequently Asked Questions


Brief Concierge

What is included in my free trial? 

The free trial includes a  "Brief Concierge report" that can help you responding to a brief.

What can I find in the Brief Concierge report?

The report will contain the following information:

  • Objective and action plan
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Sample Criteria     
  • Methodology    
  • Sample Outputs

When is the best moment to start my free trial?

You have a brief and you think the Beautifeye approach is appropriate. You want to understand how to include it into your proposal and  present it to your client. 

Given a brief how long would it take to get back to us the feasibility ? 

You get an email with the project feasibility between 36-48 hours. 

What happens after the trial? 

If you win the brief and you need our services, we will assist you in every step of your research project. 


Automatic Images Coding

How many images/videos can I code in the free trial? 

You have 300 images coded free of charge with our standard code frame.  

What do I get at the end of the trial? 

You get an email with the results of the coding. For each image we'll provide the likelihood of a specific code.

What codeframe will you use to code my images? 

We will use a generic codeframe that scores your images according to 4 main attributes: social occasion, activity, time and context.

How can I check if the coding is accurate? 

You get a link to our online dashboard where all your images are organised by code. So that you can visually check the consistency.

..OK, but I want to know the exact error rate in the coding..

You can request a bespoke code frame. Each bespoke codeframe is delivered with error rates.