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AI-powered Insights

Custom solutions to gain qualitative insights from videos & images


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AI based Market Research Platform for: 

> Video redaction and Coding 

> Category exploration

> Strategic brand positioning

> AI  tailored to the specific task


Why Artificial Intelligence?

> Save time in panel recruiting

> Save time in manual coding

> Cut through the big data

> Combine inquisitive &  passive analysis



    > Why Beautifeye?

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    Easy to evaluate and use

    Access to millions of profiles spread across 75+ countries. Targeting very specific consumer groups becomes a lot faster and easier 

    Beautifeye artificial intelligence is good value for money

    Good Value for money

    Artificial Intelligence allows to drastically cut set up and recruiting costs. You hire us for the insights, you only pay for the insights.

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    No questionnaires needed

    No need for heavy and long questionnaires. Our approach is non intrusive, and guarantees rich and detailed unbiased results


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