Behavioural Market Research with Body Cameras

Track a panel of consumers around the world with body cameras


Heineken: "Open Your World"

How to gather INSIGHTS on INSTAGRAM to INSPIRE relevant marketing CAMPAIGNS  


2016 US Presidential Campaign

Instagram Data exploration for the us presidential campaign '16


Clean Eating Trend in the US

identify and understand 5 key reasons consumers have for #cleaneating

Burger trends

Burger Trends in the UK

interesting Food trends about the modern burger industry


Age Verification on Social Media

How to Predict consumers' age using publicly AVAILABLE social media data 

male-and-female-genders (2).png

Argentinian Women

measure SEXUALITY aspirations and key drivers in a quantitative and qualitative way

Social Teens in APAC

insight into their lives, passions and concerns. explore their relationship with facial skincare and brands.


Tourism in Ireland

HOW TO maximize IRELAND tourism revenue in rural areas


Soft Drinks Need State Mapping

consumption moments of three leading brands: Coca-cola, Schweppes and Powerade


Taste of Dublin 2015

Taste of Dublin 2015 in order to discover the customer journey, brands with the most exposure and highest engagement levels.


The Empathy Builder

How brands and agencies can better work together using Beautifeye?


St Patrick's Day 2015

Insights on the most popular alcohol brands consumed worldwide on March 2015