St Patrick's Day

Insights generated from St Patricks Day 2015 2015 celebrations.

St Patrick’s Day is a massive deal for party brands: a sharp spike of customer activation is measured all over the globe.

Whatever your opinion on “plastic paddies” and their bizarre penchant for dressing up as leprechauns, there’s no denying that St Patrick’s Day is particularly popular on visual social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. More than 50,000 #stpatricksday pictures were shared on Instagram in 2015.


The Problem: Counting hashtags alone can be misleading.

How can we find brand-relevant images among the sheer volume of images posted during a global event like St Patrick’s Day? Hashtags certainly help. However, during party-time, people get lazy and don't necessarily want to spend time tagging their favorite brands even if they are the subject of their picture. So what about all those pictures where a brand is in the background? Lost.



Our Solution

Your logo: your most reliable hashtag. Utilizing the latest advances in machine learning, we're able to train computers to identify elements within pictures and videos.

With Computer Vision technology, we can discover the precise number of times the beer brand logo is being shared in pictures online without textual mention.

The report will show you exactly how Beautifeye extract brand exposure insights from Visual data using AI-based market research.