Taste of Dublin 2015

Taste Festivals is a global initiative by IMG which has been running a series of food festivals with the objective of enabling customers to engage with chefs and restaurants in new and exciting ways. Since it’s launch in London in 2004 Taste Festival popularity has rocketed and it is now a global phenomenon operating in 17 cities worldwide.


The Agency Challenges

100 global and local brands were represented during the event. Each had a different marketing budget and visitor experience, but:

  • What was the impact on the visitor?

  • What is the effective return on investment?

  • How were the brands emotionally connecting with their customers?




Our Solution

Next-generation social media channels are visual by nature. When it comes to food, images sell.

Images tell a thousand words so why not use them to generate ‘colour insights’?

At Beautifeye, we have smart technology that can do precisely that. Check out the report below to see how it works and our insights from the event.