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What is this for?

An AI/ Machine Learning Use Case builder is a tool specifically designed to  start your journey with AI and Machine Learning.

By completing an AI/ ML Use Case you will be able to flesh out the problem you are trying to solve. More importantly it will help you to link the Business Opportunity with the Technical aspects of the Use Case

Step-by-step guide

STEP 1. Problem analysis

Briefly describe what is the problem this Use Case is related to (e.g. time consuming to gather data for forecasting reports) and list the resources within your organisation who are experiencing the problem. Don’t forget to also note the current approach towards the resolution of the problem. It will become handy in the next step

Lesson Learned 1 : Start with the problem, not with the data. While it is tempting to start exploring the pile of data

STEP 2. Business Analysis

This is probably the most important (and challenging) part of the tool. You have to ask yourself the fundamental question: “ if we manage to solve the problem with AI and Machine Learning, how much value we will generate?” and then.. “ it going to be worth it?”

Tip: Invite an an engineer or a data analyst from your team to join you in the next step

STEP 3. Technical Analysis

While this section might require some level of technical expertise, you can still give it a go so that you have an understanding of the problem domain and the data availability. Keep looking at the center of the page and try to think about the problem while answering the questions

Lesson Learned 2 : Data is not oil, it is “snake oil”. Having a ton of data does not necessarily imply you will be able to generate value. High quality, high volume data does that.


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