Tourism in Ireland  

The Client Goal: Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority for Ireland, wanted to maximise tourism revenue in rural areas off the beaten tracks.

They needed to learn what tourists did during their last vacations and to identify potential rural hotspots. International and non-Irish tourists were our consumer target.

The Agency Challenges

Traditional Market Research approaches tend to all have the same bias: they give you insights based on what consumers told you they did, not on what they actually did. How can we be sure of what really happened?

Visual data - such Instagram photos - can help to extract insights and can show you exactly what happened, where and what emotion were displayed.



Our Solution

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision can allow insights extraction directly from tourists' activities, without the memory biases that traditional approaches cannot mitigate.

The qualitative and quantitative insights we got from Instagram allowed us to precisely identify rural hotspots for Fáilte Ireland to maximize tourism revenue.

It also provided rich, useful insights on tourists' activities and their journeys in these rural areas. Ultimately, it helped build a more impactful and relevant communication strategy.

The report will show you exactly how Beautifeye extracted insights from Visual data using AI-based market research without asking even one question.