Consumer Data Gathering


Every visual data channel covered

Beautifeye Image and Beautifeye video covers all the bases in collecting textual and visual data.

Text: Understand what your customers and potential customers are saying about your brand. Rest easy knowing that you don't have to oversee every conversation, because our textual analysis tool quickly and accurately interprets it all for you.

Visual: Looking at every source of data means delving into images and videos. Save time and resources with our visual data analysis tool - extract useful insights from images and videos, all without labour-intensive processing. 


Harvest once, serve multiple clients

Create your own consumer panel that permanently harvests data, ready to be used in different projects.

Traditional ethnography often produces only an explicit understanding of consumers.

Visual data can show you exactly what happened, where and what types of emotions were displayed. 




Add a different lens on consumers

Tap into visual data and discover insights previously hidden in plain sight.

Beautifeye Image provides insights from a different angle. 

The combination of AI and Computer Vision can enable the extraction of insights directly from source. We can determine exactly what consumers did, without the memory biases that traditional approaches carry.